CBD OIL 1000mg Tincture


Offered in Four delicious flavors – Blueberry, Mint, Citrus and natural.

This innovative and quality-tested tincture was designed with health-conscious consumers in mind.  The calibrated dropper allows the CBD to be taken quickly and in easily determined measurements. Therefore, you will know exactly how much CBD you are taking.

Suggested use is once or twice daily, as needed. Place the oil directly under the tongue and keep in your mouth for 1.5 minutes or more before swallowing. During this time, increase absorption by vigorously swishing the oil around your mouth and even between your teeth — this increases the surface contact between the oil and your capillaries.

We ensure the highest standards in quality control, and strive to deliver a high-quality product that can support healthier habits — and a better you.

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Broad-spectrum Cannabidiol, MCT Oil (Sustainably Sourced), Unrefined Hempseed Oil, Natural Flavors and Stevia

1000mg bottle – 16.67mg CBD per ½ dropper


By taking CBD in a tincture the CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream from capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, along the gums and cheek. From here, it avoids first-pass metabolism and is sent throughout your body. This route gets CBD into your bloodstream faster than swallowing. However, because most of the CBD will eventually be swallowed, peak bloodstream levels range from 0.5 – 5 hours meaning the effects are felt in 30 minutes and last approximately 5-6 hours depending on strength of dose taken.

Please be aware that food affects your body’s ability to absorb CBD, and more cannabinoids are absorbed on a full stomach. CBD is fat-soluble, and consuming with a healthy dose of fats can increase the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream 3-fold — which is why our tincture contains MCT coconut oil.  Also, researchers discovered that the total amount of absorbed CBD increases 5-fold if the person has recently eaten.

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natural, Mint, Citrus, Blueberry